What to wear guide

Let's admit! Choosing what to wear for photo shoots can be super stressful. Everyone wants to look good in photographs. I truly believe that wearing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and you feel you look good in, makes for the best photos.

If you are still unsure, below is some guidance for putting together outfits. If you have any questions feel free to ask for any advice. I am always available if you wish to run your outfit choices by me before you session.

#1 ... Rule of thumb

Don't match. Coordinate.

Dress for the season and location, put comfort first and highlight your best assets.

Choose your color palette of 2 or 3 colors. No more. If you are still not sure what colors, choose a favorite clothing piece of your own or even something you love from a member of your family, and build/plan from there. That way every member of your family still gets to express their own individuality. If you are still not sure about colors, keep it neutral with cream, grey and tan.

#2 ... Patterns

Colors and patterns bring images to life. When choosing patterns, choose complimenting colors and limit patterns to only one person/piece of clothing. Keep patterns small, so it does not distract attention away from the main subjects. Avoid large emblems on clothing like "Jeep" or "Guess" etc.

#3 ... Accessories and layers

Make your outfit look complete... and add fun to your photo shoot

Layering and using accessories can add beautiful dimension to your photo. Small items like a belt, jewelry and the right shoes can bring your outfit to life and pull it together.

By switching up layers and accessories during a shoot, you can get multiple looks without having to do a complete outfit change. 

#4 ... Dress up

Don't be afraid to dress up or wear something formal or semi-formal, especially for an engagement, maternity or special celebration shoots.

It is not only loads of fun to dress up but it is also something different than everyday professional photographs.